Guy Amon and Stéphane Sorlat

Stéphane Sorlat - Managing director, Founder

Stéphane is a producer and distributor of feature films and documentaries. He was one of the original founders of the French distribution company BAC FILMS with Jean Labadie. For the last twenty years, he has been producing and distributing feature films and documentaries internationally.
He has a broad expertise in Spanish-speaking countries including Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Cuba.

Guy Amon - Associate, Founder

Guy's career started at the end of the 1970s at the group Parafrance. He then moved on to The Walt Disney Co. in merchandising and licensing, before joining the production company of his father, Bob Amon, in the early 80s (Josepha, Les Bois Noirs). He also started his own distribution company with his friends at BAC FILMS (She's Gotta Have It, The Music Teacher) and worked with AAA on the co-distribution of C'est Arrivé Près de Chez vous. At the same time, he became the exclusive agent of the German media giant Telemünchen/Concorde Film in France, a role in which he remains very active to this day. 

Laurence Moulin - Marketing and Communications, Partner

Nicola spent several years working in financial sales both in London and New York. After studying film and making several shorts, she moved to Paris, where at Mondex she is active both in securing finance for films, and working on UK film acquisitions. Aside from Mondex activities, Nicola has spent time working in Pathé's International Sales division, and is a freelance feature film translator.

Nicola Ofoego - Assistant Producer, acquisitions, Junior Partner

Laurence has enormous experience as Director of Marketing in film distribution(Océan Films Distribution, AFMD, AAA Classic). Of the more than one hundred films she has marketed, highlights include (P&A, distribution expenses figures cited): IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, Wong Kar-Wai (0,6 M €); L’ETE DE KIKUJIRO, Takeshi Kitano (0,5 M €); KADOSH, Amos Gitaï (0,35 M €); L’ETERNITE ET UN JOUR, Théo Angelopoulos (0,4 M €); SYNECDOCHE NEW YORK, Charlie Kaufman (0,5 M €); GOOD BYE, LENIN, Wolfgang Becker (0,6 M €); THE LIVES OF OTHERS, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (0,8 M €); BASIC INSTINCT 2, Michael Caton-Jones (1,3 M €); LES CITRONNIERS, Eran Riklis (0,25 M €); FISH AND CHIPS, Damien O'Donnell (0,3 M €); THREE TIMES, Hou Hsiao-Hsien (0,35 M €); LAND OF PLENTY, Wim Wenders(0,6 M€); CRAZY de Jean-Marc Vallée

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