Mondex & Cie is a feature film and Tv programme production and distribution company founded by Stéphane Sorlat and Guy Amon.

The company produces, finances and works as a production consultant, with particular expertise in Spanish and LATAM territories. 

Mondex was the exclusive buyer agent for major German company TELEMUNCHEN/CONCORDE FILM in France for many years and now acquires remake and co-production opportunities for LEONINE STUDIOS GERMANY as well as a number of other french distributors. 

Stéphane Sorlat

Stéphane was one of the original founders of France's BAC FILMS & PARADIS FILMS with Jean Labadie & Eric Heumann. 

For the last twenty years, he has been producing and distributing feature films and documentaries internationally. He has a broad expertise in Spanish-speaking countries. 

Guy Amon

Guy's career started at the end of the 1970's at the group Parafrance. He then moved to the Walt Disney Co. before joining the production company of his father, Bob Amon. 

At the same time he became the exclusive agent of the German media giant TELEMUNCHEN/CONCORDE film in France, a role in wich he remains very active to this day.

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